Saturday, July 4, 2009

Broken Heart

Just another re-post from my primary blog. Publish it as requested by someone.

I just got home at 5:15 AM from a party... it's not a party like "party" but more hanging out between friends, sharing happiness together.. but really I had a good time last night. Well, I'm not going to talk about it, but about one of my best friend who has a broken heart. Gee.... how many people have to suffer everyday from this kinda uncomfortable illness (hahaha all the sickness is uncomfortable, no *grin*). Frankly I didnt expect this news from her, coz when I saw her online... I just wanna say hi, doing the "basa-basi" thingy, but short she started to write me how she feels.

She: I'm sad now. Can I talk?
Me: Sure.. tell me!
She: I just broke up with my bf one month ago.
Me: Why? I thought everything is fine with you both.
She: It was, but not anymore. It's over now, full stop, finish! I've been crying since then.
Me: It's ok. Cry while you can. It helps.
She: It hurts.. I hate him. I will stay here, dont want to go home anymore.

Just for a moment
All of my nightmares came true
Just for a moment
My heart was broken in two (Just for a moment - Aqualung)

To have a broken heart is the most unwanted thing in life. Nobody wants to have a broken heart, no? Obtain a broken heart is really suck, since all of sudden we have to loose everything that we have in only one day or even in a minute by the time he/she said "We are over". Everything will taste bitter... everything will be wrong. Walking on the beach will not fun anymore since he wont be there by your side. Sleeping will be a nightmare as the memories of you being together plays in your dream over and over. Terribly everything is lost its fun anymore... it will keep on burning your heart up to uncertain time, until you said "Enough".

I hate him, how could he did that to me after all promises he said and after all the nicest things he did. How could he?

Those words will keep on echoing in your heart and mind that will hurt you more. Thousand of hatreds will bring up ideas to leave all the memories behind (by migrating to Germany for example, hahahaha) or to pay him back "double" (like Amaya did in Kok Putusin Gue by Ninit Yunita). Whatever you do to forget him and your broken heart is ok... but until when you have to escape or to take revenge?

Been there done that! Yup, me myself I've been there before. But really, they (leaving all behind and getting even) didnt make me feel better. IMHO in spite of wasting your time to think about how bad he was (it works tho), better to remember all the nicest things he did to you. Just treasure that he gave colors in your life and made a great depiction. How exciting life was when he was there beside you, that he gave you chances to feel sad, happy and angry. So, again IMHO... let's deal with the broken heart by letting go. No need to think about revenge, no need to think about leaving all behind. Just face it n let go! Ikhlas is the right word for it.

Dedicated to:
* My best friend in some part of Germany... I know the feeling sweetheart, but I know that only you can feel all the pain. Be strong, I know you are!
* Myself (I had a broken heart, one month after I wrote this entry)
* Anybody who has a broken heart.