Sunday, September 7, 2008

Man Only

On my second visit to Amsterdam (for a reunion), I found out about this public toilet. It's designed only for man, unless you (woman) have any idea how to pee on this toilet and dare to show at least your butt to the pedestrians.

On my last trip to Amsterdam with my family, I got a chance to photograph it (lucky me, someone was peeing at that time) and he was (is, I hope until now) handsome. Ya ya... I waited until he finished his business and turned around.

Frankly speaking, this toilet is such a failure. I don't understand why the Netherlands' gov made such toilet. This toilet does not have "saluran pembuangan", so the urine stays on the ground. But please do not worry, the urine will not stay longer, it will evaporate and pollute the air with stinky smell. Yack!

Just don't stand so close to this toilet, especially during hot summer day. It stinks!

Photo taken at Amsterdam, Netherlands
Saturday, July 5th, 2008


  1. wakakakkaak, gue baru tau ada yang kayak gini :P

  2. wakakakaka iya Els, gue juga baru tau
    sumpah bau pesing :D
    yg ini masih lumayan, ada dong yg cuma sekat doang... jadi bunyi air mancurnya terdengar dg jelas :D

  3. jorok banget.. apalagi kalo yg bentuknya cuma sekat aja, BAU!